Python App On Kubernetes Using Helm Chart

Project to automate the process of provisioning Kubernetes resources of a FullStack React and Python(Flask) application using Helm

  • Kubernetes
  • Helm
  • GCP

E-Commerce Game Store

A fullStack E-Commerce website to discover and buy digital games similar to Steam and EpicGames. Using React NodeJS MongoDB and GraphQL

  • React
  • NodeJS
  • Graphql

Open Source Contribution

Contributed to 'next-auth' (Authentication library for NextJS) to integrate Gitlab's OAuth API

  • NextJS
  • OAuth

Infrastructure Provisioning Using Terraform

A project to provision infrastructure on public cloud platform such as AWS and GCP automatically using code

  • Terraform
  • AWS
  • GCP

Continuous Integration And Deployment

Created CI Pipelines using Jenkins , Github Actions to deploy several websites including personal website to AWS S3 and other hosting platform

  • Github Actions
  • Jenkins

Django Blog

A Simple Blog Website which can authenticate and create delete and update post written in Python using Django framework

  • Python
  • SQL
  • HTML

Personal Website v1

My Personal Old Website

  • React
  • CSS
  • HTML

File and Clipboard Manager

A FullStack Application To Upload And Download Files. With Clipboard Manager

  • React
  • NodeJS